Gawsworth Hub is owned by the community and operated by volunteers. Over 50 volunteers enjoy their individual involvement ensuring the delivery and sustainability of our invaluable community resource. Over 30% have been volunteering since we took over the last remaining shop in the village 10 years ago.

With the development of the hub and cafe, there are now so many more opportunities to volunteer and give back to your local community. Volunteers are involved in the delivery of community events and activities, shop and cafe services, strategic management of the organisation as well as providing support for ad hoc projects. We also provide opportunities to young adults (16+), some of whom use the experience to support their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

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If you would like to be more involved with your local community, we welcome volunteers interested in participating in any aspect of our Hub and bringing with them their own individual skills and experience.

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To make a general enquiry about getting involved as a volunteer or to find out more about specific opportunities contact Daryl on 07967 408865 or by email to volunteering

Our team

There are currently around 50 volunteers registered with Gawsworth Hub.

Our volunteers range from age 16 to those in their mid 80’s. Many of our young volunteers are completing their DOE awards and use the experience gained to complement their CV’s and to increase their future employability.

Some of volunteers are retired or semi-retired, some work full time, some do shift work and some may be between jobs.

The variety of ways in which volunteers can support our valuable community resource means that there is an opportunity for everyone.

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What do our volunteers do:

Many of our volunteers give a couple of hours on a regular basis either weekly or fortnightly. This could include helping with one of our shop shifts or assisting in the meeting place / café.

Other volunteers help with deep cleaning, shop maintenance, liaising with our newspaper supplier, managing our website and social media, collecting orders for the shop, delivering local mailshots for the meeting place, bagging up children’s sweet mixes and offering administrative support.

There are also opportunities for ‘Champions’ to host activities in the Hub meeting place for example Knit and Nattter groups, Book clubs and other activities for the local community to engage in.

In addition, there are 8 directors working in a voluntary capacity -including Chair, Treasurer and Co Secretary, some of our directors also volunteer in the shop and meeting place / cafe.


Why do we need volunteers?

Gawsworth Community Hub is owned by the community and operated by volunteers for the benefit of the wider community.

The Hub employs just two members of staff, a part time Shop Supervisor and a part time Activities Manager (currently funded by National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund) Without our volunteers the harsh fact is that this valuable Community resource would not exist.

We do need more volunteers – both to help share the workload but also to bring new ideas and skills to our organisation.

Why do people volunteer

There are many reasons why people volunteer including to meet others and to give back to their local community, to develop and learn new skills in addition to using all those life skills we have acquired in our lives to help others.

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The fact that our volunteers keep coming back week on week shows that we all enjoy being part of the local community, we enjoy the social aspect and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction

If you are interested in volunteering at Gawsworth Hub or would like more information, please telephone 07967 408865 or email   volunteering

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