Volunteer - Molly


Volunteer Case Study – Molly

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I’ve lived in Gawsworth since the age of 11, but have also lived away such as when I was studying at university. I moved back permanently to Gawsworth last year to support my family during Covid.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the Hub?

I heard that the Hub was looking for more volunteers due to many having to self-isolate at the beginning of the pandemic. This coincided with me being furloughed as a charity worker with the Prince’s Trust. I was really happy to help, I wasn’t doing anything else, and by this point I had been on furlough for two months and was going a bit mad!

What appealed to you about volunteering?

I was just really happy to get involved and do anything to lend a hand. During the first lockdown, there was a lot of awareness being raised about frontline workers in hospitals and supermarket workers supporting their communities and it made me think about what I could do to help. Volunteering at the shop seemed like a really good option to do just that.

How have you found your experience as a volunteer?

I’ve absolutely loved it. Although I’ve lived in the village since I was 11, I think I only really knew my immediate neighbours. Its been so wonderful to get to know all the different people in the village and be able to chat with them. I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I was anticipating to be furloughed for a lot longer, however I returned to my paid job with the Prince’s Trust in August. But because I enjoyed my experience so much, I decided to stay on as a volunteer at the shop and cover the Sunday morning shift where my main responsibilities are being on the till and organising newspapers.

What would you say to others who were thinking of volunteering at the Hub?

First of all I would say that it’s only for a few hours each month. It’s a really easy commitment to make and it’s such a social, warm thing to do. Everyone is so appreciative, it’s just a lovely way to get to know people in the area and become involved in your local community to make a positive difference.